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Amy lives in Cooma with her Daughter, 1 dog, 2 cats, 2 chooks and 3 fish.   Whilst her life is extremely busy she is very passionate about the environment and our impact upon it.  She has changed her art direction to only use recycled materials where ever possible.  

The transition to 3 dimensional work has been easy for Amy.  Making something out of something else has always been a background  hobby, from turning washing machines into aquaculture systems, fridges into worm farms and much much more,  it has turned into art and the results speak for themselves.

Constantly distracted by "something shiny" there are many projects on the go in Amys studio.

Amy sees beauty in things discarded and unwanted, all of her creations are made from items found at the local Salvos or recycling shops.

Some pieces can take weeks even months to complete, however, once they are they brighten the room with their hapless beauty.